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The French Association of Zoos – AFdPZ – was created in 1969 and currently includes nearly 100 of the most progressive French zoos and aquariums (including 50 EAZA members) which represents over 21 million of visitors per year.

To find a zoo in France, please have a look at the interactive AFdPZ member map.

In order to be accepted as an AFdPZ member, institutions are required to fill out our accreditation questionnaire, to respect the AFdPZ constitution and code of ethics. Once the application is complete, representatives of the AFdPZ board visit the applying institution.

AFdPZ institutions – wild fauna experts – are dedicated to animal care and nature protection by carrying out their official missions of Conservation, Education and Research as required by National and International laws.

AFdPZ is a member of EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria), WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums), SPECIES360 (International Species Information System) and, since 2009, AFdPZ is also an IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) member.

AFdPZ’s Mission

Amongst its activities, AFdPZ helps its members to apply the EU Zoo Directive 1999/22 implemented in French legislation through the national decree of the 25 th march 2004 and thus support them to act more efficiently for animal welfare and biodiversity conservation.

AFdPZ is a professionnal network enabling zoos to cooperate and exchange best practices in order to achieve and maintain the highest standards for animal care and endangered species management. We are part of a worldwide community of professionnals engaged in biodiversity conservation and animal welfare. If you want to know more about these two issues, please have a look to the conservation and welfare WAZA strategies :

« Committing to Conservation : The World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy »

« Caring for Wildlife : The World Zoo and Aquarium Animal Welfare Strategy »

In addition, the AFdPZ defends zoos’ interests in various areas (in cooperation with national and international entities).


AFdPZ encourages the commitment of zoos to animal welfare, conservation, education, and research (including partnerships with universities and research institutes) through our commissions.

AFdPZ supports biodiversity conservation through our in situ conservation fund. Each year, almost 20 conservation programs around the world receive an AFdPZ grant.

All these programs are evaluated and accredited by a conservation committee of 10 conservation experts.

In order to apply for a conservation AFdPZ grant for the first time, please fill in the following application form and send it back to us at before the 1 st of December:

Together the French zoos funds around 200 in situ conservation programs in the world for 3 million euros.


AFdPZ promotes zoos, the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development to the general public and to legal authorities through education, media and by developing communication tools such as the AFdPZ newsletter “La Licorne”, Facebook page , and various interviews.

AFdPZ is the contact for the authorities to find a home for animals coming from seizures.

AFdPZ participates in professional meetings such as: the revision of the French National Strategy for Biodiversity 2011–2020, the reviewing of the draft of the EU Zoo Directive Guidance and Good Practice Document for Implementation of the EU Directive 1999/22/EC and the Animal Welfare Committee in European Parliament, IUCN world conservation congress, and so on.

AFdPZ has created professional cards which give all permanent employees of our members free access to AFdPZ zoos in order to promote and increase sharing of knowledge and good practices between institutions.

Plans for the future

We have several ideas for development, particularly to reinforce our involvement in conservation, to unify our profession and raise the quality of the zoos. We also aim to develop both a national and international network, thus to participate in our constant improvement, please work with us !